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Adhesive Plate non-stick coating Two-Sided (White)

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Eyelash extension adhesive plate. (Non-stick coating on both sides)
A stone plate is perfect for keeping your adhesive cool, preventing it from curing during application.
Perfect for taking out the solution of lash lift as well.
Our original creation non-stick coating technology:
  • Adhesive will not solidify for about twice the usual time
  • Wipe adhesive off easily with a tissue
  • Eliminate the time and effort to take off the adhesive
  • Shorten the application time
Diameter: 5 cm / 1.97 in
Change the drop of adhesive when you start noticing a gooey consistency.
Please use a separate plate for the remover.
Nozomi MARIE LASH Educator Australia

Nozomi - MARIE LASH Educator in Australia

We can reduce the procedure time by using a non-stick adhesive plate.
This non-stick adhesive plate makes the adhesive slower to cure even in summer so we don't need to change the adhesive as often as we do with normal plates.
We can simply wipe off the adhesive with a tissue after use.
Adhesives may react chemically when used on tape, but with non-stick coating we don’t have to worry about that. It’s eco-friendly and reusable, so all the staff at the Melbourne salon love it.

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