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FusaFusa Eyeliner Black (6pc)

Eyeliner with Eyelash Growth Treatment was invented by a MARIE LASH JAPAN technician.
Clients may forget to apply the lash treatment from time to time. However, now they can enjoy this lash growth formula simultaneously while applying their makeup.
This eyeliner permeates nutrition directly into the lash root for faster, healthier growth and to strengthen the lash root.
Can be used for brows and bottom lashes as well.
  • Made in Japan
  • Colour: Black
  • Fine Tip Brush Type
  • 24H Waterproof but easy cleansing
  • Eyelash enhancer treatment for natural eyelashes
  • Formulated to help damaged lashes grow thicker, fuller and longer
  • Gentle Treatment, most clients can use it
  • A set of 6 bottles
Apply every time after washing face.
Apply like an eyeliner on the root of the natural eyelashes.
Avoid contact with the eye.
This contains a lot of lash enhancer ingredient Capilisil, so it may get clogged at the brush tip. It may be difficult to have the proper amount of ink on the brush in the beginning or when you are not using consistently. In this case, please shake well and press the brush firmly and draw lines on a clean wet or dry tissue until the ink comes out properly.
Dispose within 3 months after opening.
Avoid storing in direct sunlight.
Mai MARIE LASH Educator Australia

Mai - MARIE LASH Educator in Australia

We are often asked by our clients about eye care that is suitable after lash extensions. A lash serum is a very important aftercare product. This eyeliner contains lash serum so if your clients have this product it will help them treat their lashes every time they do their makeup.
I tend to forget to apply lash serum after washing face, so this product is really great and it’s like shooting two birds with one stone! The Japanese-made brush tip is very fine and precise, I can easily control the boldness and thickness of the line and the brush never hurts the eyelid because it’s very soft.
This eyeliner doesn’t accumulate at the roots so it can be cleansed well during face washing. This is also very important for lash extensions users, as it will be easy to cleanse away before the lash appointment. I recommend this product for anyone.

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