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Lash Box 10 palettes

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Eyelash extensions organizer.
Each palette holds up to 11 lash strips at the same time.
The lash strips will stick perfectly on the palette.
Using our lash box palettes will reduce time to pull out multiple lash trays to take different sizes, and you can write the curl and thickness on top of the palettes.
  • Height: 12.5 cm - Wide: 15.9 cm - Depth: 10.4 cm
    Height: 4.92 in - Wide: 6.26 in - Depth: 4.09 in
  • Material: plastic (please be careful with solvents that will dissolve it, like acetone)
  • Box includes 10 palettes
  • Customize your lash palettes by size
  • The noted sizes can be read even when the palettes are stored
  • Protects lashes from dust and curl damage
  • Size guide lines are provided
  • Handle with care
  • Extra palettes sold separately
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