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Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Our rose quartz Gua Sha face massage tool is a beauty device for gently stimulating the face and jawline.
It is also a relaxing way to enhance the penetration of skincare products into the skin, whilst promoting circulation through a gentle massage.
As the stone starts to warm up on your skin, it will relax your muscles, increase blood circulation and aid in releasing tension and toxins.
  • Calms irritations and tightens pores
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Helps with under-eye swelling & darkness
  • Increases blood circulation and releases tension
  • Slims face and jawline
Material: Rose quartz
* Each unique rose quartz has been ethically sourced so the stone colouring and pattern will vary.
Size: Length 11 cm x Width 9.5 cm / Length 4.33 in x Width 3.74 in
* Each unique rose quartz has been handmade so the stone shape and size will vary.
Bag:Cotton 100%
W 15 cm x H 18 cm / W 5.9 in x 7 in
[How to use]
Apply your moisturizer on your face and neck. It can be used after the face mask to help the serums absorb into the skin.
Gently stroke across the face, jaw and neck in an outwards motion, targeting each individual section with 3 – 5 strokes steadily in one direction (not back and forth).
The wider end with wings is perfect for accommodating larger areas like the cheeks, jawline and neck.
The small end suits the under-eye area, temples, eyebrows and around the mouth and nose.
After use, clean with soapy water and wipe after to dry before storing.
For an extra cooling experience, place it in the fridge or bowl of ice for 10 minutes before using it.
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