About Us

Core Competence 

1. We are Lash Technicians

2. 100 lashes in 20mins Technique and Supplies

3. One Client only costs as low as $0.80

Thank you for using marie rush-lash products. We established our salon in 2006 in the heart of Tokyo as Eyelash and Nail salon. Afterwards our founder Mariko Matsumoto became a certified teacher of Japan Lash Association and taught the educators for this association as the main teacher in Kanto Area (Tokyo and surrounded prefectures in Japan). She taught over 1,000 students over the last 10 plus years. Through this teaching experience, she researched and developed the products that are easy to use for her and lash technicians of all levels.

Many of her students wanted to use the same products as Mariko and marie rush-lash was established. 

All marie rush-lash products are developed and tested by her and her highly skilled team around the world. Hearing the comments from our dearest customers and sharing ideas between our educators in MARICO SALON, we test each product carefully in all salons by all stylists. And through our own mass production method we try to achieve the lowest prices to offer with the best quality.

Mariko reads all your comments and needs, and we take pride in our passion to excel at product making. We always try to reach the next level and set the trend to the market.

Please feel free to drop a line and be a part of the family of the exciting lash market around the world.