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Eyelash extensions sizes missing due to COVID-19

Thank you very much for always using our service.

Due to the impact of the lockdown caused by the spread of COVID-19 infection, overseas factories have been closed, and eyelash extensions production has stopped. That is why some extension sizes are out of stock.

We understand that the missing size of the extensions will lead to important problems in salon sales.
Therefore, as a countermeasure, we recommend that you consider changing the type of extensions (Mink, Sable, Premium Sable), the thickness, or the length (buy 1-2mm longer and cut the root) of the extensions you were looking for.

Extension out of stock: Sable 0.15mm / 11mm
Replacement 1: Mink 0.15 / 11mm
Replacement 2: Premium Sable 0.15 / 11mm
Replacement 3: Bulk Sable 0.15 / 11mm
Replacement 4: Sable 0.15 / 12mm (1mm cut off root)
Replacement 5: Sable 0.12 / 11mm
Replacement 6: Sable 0.18 / 11mm

Please note:
Regarding the NEW Flat Lash (World Standard Length),
The curls and lengths are different from the size standards of Mink, Sable, Premium Sable, and Airy Volume Lash.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please refer to our size chart before purchasing.

We expect the missing extensions to be back in stock in mid-December (but there is still a delay possibility). Currently, there is no production delay for products other than extensions.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.