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Terms and Conditions

At MARIE LASH JAPAN, we sell supplies used for delicate parts of the body (especially eyes).
We pay close attention to our quality and carry out high-level inspections.
Our supplies are sold to technicians with a proper licenses to operate safely (If a license is not necessary, to those with technical skills and correct knowledge). Please ensure your salon is registered to the public health bureau.
Please kindly understand that we do not hold any responsibility for incorrectly used products, or if there is no evidence to prove that the procedure was done correctly and safely.

【Terms and Conditions】

Our online shop is for eyelash salons and technicians.
The prices are salon and technician prices, not retail prices.

We aim to raise safety standards in the eyelash extension industry worldwide.
We are not giving advice on how to use our products over the phone nor email to prevent misunderstandings. We want technicians to have the right knowledge and to be able to carry out safe procedures, so we recommend taking our seminars.

Customers of MARIE LASH JAPAN must meet the following conditions.
- Being a professional technician for eyelash extensions, lash lifts or eyebrows
- Holding the correct licenses to perform the procedures.
- Having completed the Salon registration at a public health bureau.
- Hygienic environment in the Salon.
- NO minors (both technicians and customers).

【About the size of extensions】

・Ensure to check our extension size chart before purchasing.
Eyelash extensions chart here
・Our "marie rush-lash series" extensions are longer than other companies. (About 1mm to 2mm)
Example: Other company 11-12mm = Our Length 10mm
・There might be slight differences in curls and lengths, since the extensions are manufactured by hand.
・ Products within our curl tolerance are considered to be good products. Please kindly understand that we cannot accept returns or exchanges of products within the tolerance.

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【Change or Cancel of your order】

・ Please note that changes and cancellations after 3pm (JST) on weekdays cannot be accepted

【Payment method】

Credit Card and PayPal payments are available.

▼ Credit Card (Online payment / Free of charge)
· Once your credit card payment is completed, you cannot change your order. Cancellations are accepted until 3pm (JST) on the day of order. (If you order is placed after 3pm on weekends or holidays, 3pm on the next business day.)
· Please be assured that your credit card information is not stored in our system for security purposes.
· If the payment processing fails, your order will be canceled.

▼ PayPal (Online payment / Free of charge)
This is a payment service that allows you to make transactions using only your ID and password simply by registering your credit card, debit card or bank account information to PayPal.
· If you would like to use a JCB card, please use PayPal.
Click here for details https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/home
· Once your payment is completed, you cannot cancel or change your order.
· Please be assured that your credit card information is not stored in our system for security purposes.
· If the payment processing fails, your order will be canceled.

【Membership rank and points】

If you are registered customer, you will earn points depending on your membership rank. The point rate is from 1% to 5% (Excluding shipping and handling).

▼Membership rank
Depending on the purchase amount in the last 6 months, the rank is decided. There are five different ranks, and the rate of rewarded points changes according to each rank.
(The rank is updated on the 1st of every month, based on the purchase amount up to the previous month.)
Platinum member (5%) USD10,000 or more
Gold member (4%) USD5,000 or more
Silver member (3%) USD3,000 or more
Bronze member (2%) USD1,000 or more yen
General member (1%) Less than USD999
Points can only be rewarded from online orders (Not for phone and fax orders).

▼How to use points
10 Points can be used as $1 at the next purchase.
Expiration: 2 years
Points are rounded to the closest integer (whole number). Please kindly understand that your points cannot be added or transferred from other accounts.

【Deleting your account】

You can delete your account at any time by going to your account page and selecting delete my account.
This action will also delete all the points and your rank linked to your account. The points and not transferable nor refundable.
As soon as your request is received, your account will be deleted and you won't be able to access it using your login information anymore.
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