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MARICO Salon Franchise Opportunity

Do you want to have your own Salon?

You ever dream of having a successful business of your own?
How do you make it come true?
Maybe you have the fear of doing so?
We have all the answers on how to make you dreams become reality.

MARICO Salon Story

The founder of MARICO Salon, Mariko Matsumoto started the salon in the heart of Tokyo in the year 2006. At the time in Japan, "eyelash extensions” was very new. The salon offered eyelash extensions with a more popular nail service to attract the customers to come in more freely. MARICO Salon is attended by famous fashion models, singers and celebrities allowing us to have a clear understanding of the wants and needs of “Eyelash and Nail salons”.

We started with three technicians including Mariko, and after three months we had a very steady clientele. Mariko became one of the first certified trainers of Japan Lash Association in 2007 and started to train others. The students wanted to have the same tools and supplies as Mariko, and that’s how marie rush-lash (One of the biggest leading eyelash suppliers in Japan) was born.


Here is the founder Mariko’s philosophy

Mariko Matsumoto
Founder and director of MARICO Salon and marie rush-lash, one of the biggest leading eyelash extensions suppliers in Asia since 2006.

-MARICO Salon locates in Japan, Taiwan and USA
-marie rush-lash (Eyelash Extensions Supplier) locates in Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, Thailand and USA
-Winning 1st Place Top Selling E-commerce in Beauty Category in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.
-Japanese Cosmotology Licence
-Classic Lash, Volume Lash, Lash Lift, Brow Extensions, Butterfly Threading, Nail Technician
-Board of Japan Lash Association
-Certified Teacher and Judge of Japan Lash Association
-Director of Japan VolumeLash Society (International Div.)
-Organizer of Japan VolumeLash Society
-Organiser of Lash Contest with Fashion Models in Japan
-Japanese Celebrity Lash Artist
-Taught over 1,000 students in Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, UK and Portugal
-Personal Trainer Licence
-Organic Japanese Restaurant Owner

Everyday when I go to salon, i devote my time with 100% of my attention how i can be better and faster. Even after 10 years of experience I feel like I am nowhere near being perfect. I love the challenge of being better version of myself and also my passion goes towards all of my materials. The tools and techniques change as the market grows. We have the responsibility to answer to the clients needs. Faster, Lighter, Softer, Bolder, etc…
The technique standards are always changing and now may only last few months or years.
It is very important to pay attention to what you do because we are dealing with clients’ eyelashes.They are delicate but the results are huge. Every time we talk to one another we look at people’s eyes. What we perform on the eyes is very easy to see. Our job is far more than just applying lashes. The quality of our skill is why we stand out. It is truly breathtaking to see the quality sets of lashes.


The beauty of eyelash extensions and nail services is an "instant change" beauty business.
The client's will enjoy a relaxing time in a "gateway from reality" environment. With the result at the end? Voila!! They can see how well their money is spent. Every time they look at themselves in the mirror, look at their nails, our services give them happiness and confidence. First time clients who experience getting eyelash extensions are usually shocked. We always hear nothing but great feedback like, "WOW! My eyes look bigger with sparkles. I look more awake from the moment I open my eyes, I don’t need a lot of make up, it looks so natural but bold. Same goes with the nails. Now we feel so naked without having them done. They give us happiness and confidence everyday and they last for a month!" Every one is happy to look more beautiful.

We offer our clients a service that they would want to keep getting every month.
The key is, that its hard for the clients to do it themselves. We have a special skill and knowledge to offer our clients they cannot recreate themselves at home.

Our number one job is to make clients happy, and also to have the best skill and knowledge in the market.

So what is your Core Competence going to be?

What makes you stand out and so different from other salons?

We offer you :

-Our 10 plus years Knowledge of Lashing
-Updated Lashing Skill (Longevity, Speed and a Perfect Finishing)
-Practical Tools and Supplies
-How to run MARICO Salon
-Prepping the Salon Leader for the position
-Prepping the mental devotion to Staff
-Teaching proper sanitation and cleanliness
-Manners and philosophy for the MARICO Salon
-Our customer service
-Importance of teamwork
-MARICO Brand Logo and Back Office Data
-Share SNS platforms with all over the world
-Detailed advice on each step of the way!

Are you ready for the MARICO journey? Pros and Cons

1. Do you have what it takes?
First, you need to be determent of your set goals.
We can give you the basics but it is in your hands to make it shine or dim.
You need to have what it takes to make your dreams come true.
You need to be ready to have ups and downs and have the passions to stand up every time you face difficulties.
Success will never come to you, you need to work hard for yourself.

2. Find the best location possible
Decide Salon Location and the number of booths you will have.
The number of booths will determine your potential sales of your salon.
Who is your target?
How much rent can you pay?
How do you bring your clientele?
Where do you want your salon to be and why?
How much are you going to charge?
How many booths and what sales they bring?
Who is your competitor(s)?
What service do they do at what price?
How close are they?

3. Team up your technicians wisely
Decide the basic idea of payrolls.
You need to put appealing ads around town.
Set up the interviews and really engage with them.
You can train them with skills and knowledge but it is hard to change their personality.
Hire loyal, reliable, giving, positive, hard working people.
(required license is needed upon your county)

4. Start designing for your salon
The fun begins!
This is where your dream salon comes to reality.
What kind of Reception, Booths, Restroom, Office?
What material? What color? What to buy and where to buy?
Find the construction company.

5. Do you want to become a supplier?
If you see the potential of carrying the Japanese Brand Eyelash Supplier into your business plan, it can potentially give you steady sales.
You need to carry the basic products and of course the space for stocking. Also it is important to have the e-commerce website to sell online, issue a catalogue and maybe attend the beauty fairs to promote the brand.

Steps to become MARICO Salon Owner

Step1 : Contact Us
To become the main MARICO Salon of your country.
[email protected]

Step2 : Get Training
MARICO Salon Headquarters.
(Tokyo, San Diego or Taipei)

4 week Training (22 days) $5000 3 Staff
(Hotel, Food, Transportation, Cost of living are not included)
60 practice models
Material Rental

Step3 : Practice in your country
After the training at headquarters,
Practice in your home salon and train other Staff.
Start building the clientele

Step 4 : Completing the Salon
Finishing the construction.
Getting all the right equipment and supplies.

Now we are ready to open the Salon!

Step 5 : Start the Business!!
You can start training students and selling products if desired.

Step 6 : Get involved with MARICO Salon Family.
We offer you headquarters meetings and trainings.