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SUKINAGETO (24 rolls)

Medical Tape with strong hold
Used for covering the lower lashes or to tape the eyelids during the eyelash extension application.
Made with flexible, moisture permeable polyolefin film and a highly moisture-permeable acrylic adhesives. This tape is extremely permeable, allowing minimal moisture retention even when applied for a long time. SUKINAGETO keeps the skin dry and prevents irritation.
This tape has a porous surface that allows the skin to breathe.

  • 12 mm x 7 m (0.47 in x 7.66 yd)
  • Repositionable
  • Removes cleanly
  • Extremely low-irritant, attaching securely and easily torn by hand
  • Cosmetic medical tape
  • Surgical quality tape designed for professional use

Instructions: Place it on a non-woven disposable sheet and take it off a few times before applying to your clients’ under-eye to soften the adherence.
Discontinue use if a rash, redness or irritation of the skin breaks out.
Store at room temperature, away from water, humidity and direct sunlight.

Made in Japan.
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