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Rush Glue / Adhesive (10ml)

1 - 2 seconds curing quick curing adhesive for advanced stylists.
Formulated for volume and classic application.
Eyelash extensions may last anywhere between 1 - 2 months (depending on the eyelashes and how they are applied).
  • Black colour
  • Ethyl cyanoacrylate
  • Ideal temperature range: 25˚C (20 – 28˚C)/77˚F (68 – 82.4˚F)
  • Ideal humidity range: 55% (Tolerance 40 – 60%)
  • Made in Korea
  • Not for retail sale, professional use only
5 ml / 0.17 fl oz (About 50 uses)
When it is brand new the consistency of the adhesive is watery, please shake very well and if needed, let it sit for 15 minutes before using, to have the right consistency for application.
When the remaining adhesive is low, the consistency will be thick and have a gel-like texture. If so, please discard and change to a fresh one.
  • Expiry date is marked on the bottom of the bottle.
  • Before opening: 1 month shelf life. Store in a refrigerator.
  • After opening: Store in a cold dark place with a stable temperature. Dispose within 1 month.
Mai MARIE LASH Educator Australia

Mai - MARIE LASH Educator in Australia

Adhesives can be sensitive to changes in the weather, and a lash stylist needs to pay special attention to the operating environment.
Rush Glue is not sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity, so I can trust this product can be used in any climate on sunny days or rainy days. Despite being a 1 second super quick-curing adhesive, Rush Glue is very stable.
The consistency is a little bit sticky, so it grabs the lash and the extension together while bonding them together. With confidence, I can recommend this curing speed even for teaching beginners. Rush glue is recommended for classic extensions and for salons in countries with changing temperatures and humidity!

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