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Air Purifier

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This air purifier cleanses the air from the adhesive chemicals and takes away the strong glue scents.
Without taking precautions, the chemicals contained in the lash glue, and other solutions eyelash stylists use, can cause breathing problems, red or irritated eyes, dry skin, and other health problems.
The Air Purifier will protect both you and your clients during eyelash extensions, lash lift, brow lamination, etc.
It will make a positive impact on health, giving yourself and your clients fresh, clean air and a safer, and healthier environment.
  • Perfect to prevent adhesive allergy
  • Place next to the adhesive plate
  • Absorb and clean the air from glue fumes
  • Long lasting: about 3 months
  • Non-toxic if accidentally consumed
Contains: 50 ml / 1.69 fl oz
Start using it within 1 year after purchase.
Lasts about 3 months (depending on opening frequency).
Using an air purifier won’t affect or change your glue consistency.
How to use? Open the Air Purifier and place it next to the glue plate. Replace it with a new one when the gel is dry.
Ayako MARIE LASH Educator Taiwan

Ayako - MARIE LASH Educator in Taiwan

We use this product during procedures when we have stylists or customers who are sensitive to the smell of adhesives, and when we have bookings throughout a long day. It’s perfect for VIP rooms or private rooms where the door is closed, or salons with limited space or ventilation.

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