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Airy Volume Tweezers F

Suitable for Airy Volume Lash technique (5D and up Fan making).
Precise grip for fan creation. The thicker grip makes it easy to create perfect fans.
Makes both narrow and wide fans.
  • Length: 12.5 cm (4.92 in)
  • Weight: 15.8 g (0.56 oz)
  • Angle: Curve F
  • Material: Stainless Steel (non-magnetic / non-static)
  • Reliable grip
  • Long super-fine precise tips
Volume tweezers have a different area where the fan can be grabbed securely. Please note that there is a possibility the fan cannot be grabbed outside the tolerance displayed in the detailed photo.
Quality control by Airy Volume Lash Educators.
Usage Tips:
  • Avoid contact with the client’s eyelid during the procedure. You need to choose the tweezers with the right angle for you.
  • Do not put pressure on the eye pads or tapes (under the eye).
  • Put the tweezers in a glass sterilizer stand when you need to do something else during the application. You need to be aware of the tips of the tweezers, as they are very sharp. It is very dangerous to do something else while holding them in your hand.
  • Do not touch the tips of tweezers during the procedure.
  • Do not scratch the tweezers when trying to get the adhesive off. It can come off by soaking them in a sterilizer or by using a remover.
  • Always keep an extra set of tweezers in case of an accident.

Sanitize tweezers after each use:
  • Wash with soap water and rinse. Dry completely or they might get rusty.
  • Disinfect with ethanol (76.9% or thicker) or barbicide.
  • Disinfect with UV sterilizer for 20-30 mins
  • Store the tweezers in a closed container or in a sealed bag. Separate from used ones.
  • Make sure to protect the tips of the tweezers.
Mai MARIE LASH Educator Australia

Mai - MARIE LASH Educator in Australia

Volume tweezers allows me to easily make a fan of volume lashes, and I can put my hands in any position where it’s easy to operate while I’m applying the lashes.
I recommend Volume Tweezer L2 (VT02) for students who are new to volume lash techniques. The tips of the tweezers have a relatively wide contact area, so the hair does not slip easily and stable treatment is possible. However, some students find it difficult to position their hand when using it due to the angle between the tip and the hand.
Volume Tweezer F can solve this problem. The tip is relatively thin, so it has some elasticity when grabbing. When a fan of lashes is not evenly opened, I can easily adjust the fan which is very convenient!
The precision and high performance of the tweezers mean that I can easily make a fan of 5D. This shape is also recommended for flat lash application. One pair of tweezers can be used for two techniques, so I recommended it for professional eyelash technicians!

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