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Bulk Extensions Case Puff

This case puff for eyelash extensions allows you to work easily with Bulk Extensions. It can also help you when, while lashing, the extensions turn or move in your tweezers.
Simply press the root of the eyelash extensions on the puff to raise its tip.
This puff will make it easier to grasp eyelash extensions during the appointment.
It comes with a plastic case that you can open and close, to keep the puff clean.
  • Round puff diameter: 7.5 cm / 2.95 in
  • Material: Lint-free cotton puff
  • Make eyelash extension application faster
  • Holds the extensions upright
  • Make the extensions easier to grab with the tweezers
  • Perfect to work with Bulk Extensions
  • Can also help with other eyelash extensions
  • Comes with a protective plastic case
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