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Glue Mixer

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Our compact and lightweight glue mixer is designed to quickly and effectively mix/shake your adhesive in about 10 – 20 seconds.
It helps greatly with the retention of eyelash extensions. If the adhesive ingredients are not mixed thoroughly, no matter how well you perform your application it can lead to lifted bases or poor bonding with the lashes.
This device can give you a much better and faster result compared to manual handshaking.
Recommended to always use this glue mixer before and during the procedure whenever you dispense a new drop of adhesive.
  • Length with an attachment:18.5 cm / 3.35 in
  • USB charging cable
  • 8 rubber attachments (black)
  • 2 white attachments
  • Fan (to use as a lash dryer)
Insert the adhesive cap into the rubber attachment securely.
Hold the glue mixer in the upright position. (The adhesive cap is at the top and the bottle is at the bottom.)
Press the power button and mix/spin for 10 – 20 seconds.
Gently squeeze the rubber to break into the vacuum seal and gently pull the adhesive bottle out.
Please be careful with the following points when you insert the rubber attachment.
The white attachment may break if you apply too much pressure.
First, attach the rubber attachment (black) to the white attachment, then gently insert it into the glue mixer device.
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