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Lash Lift Soft 8 Size Pink Rods Combo

These rods are perfect for BOM Lift as well as Keratin Lash Lift.
Their special texture and shape make them easy to place on the eyelid, and they will not move around when wrapping the lashes on it.
The outer corner of these rods is wider and flatter than the other areas. It will create a beautiful, more sophisticated, and uniform finishing look.
By using these rods, you will be able to lift the natural lashes from the roots.
▼ Set contains:
● Curl type: Rounded Curl
[S, M, L, XL size] 1 pair each
Both the roots and tips of the natural lashes will be curled, creating a C-curl shape.
● Curl type: Rounded Straight Curl
[S1, M1, L1, XL1 size] 1 pair each
The roots of the natural lashes will be curled and the tips will be straight, creating an L-shaped curl.
BOM Lift is MARIE LASH JAPAN's new generation of Lash Lift. With BOM Lift, you don't need to use Lash Lift Glue anymore! If you don't know how to perform a Glue-less BOM Lift, please check out our BOM Lift Online Seminar.
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