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Lashing work box (Silicone Sheet included)

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Our original invention for eyelash and eyebrow stylists, designed for both righties and lefties.
Lashing Work Box helps your Volume Fan Making by having it closer to your eyes for more precise work.
  • Comes with a drawer with 4 compartments to store swabs, cottons, primers etc.
  • Length: 9 cm - Width: 7.8 cm - Height: 10.3 cm
    Length: 3.54 in - Width: 3.07 in - Height: 4.05 in
  • Drawer depth: 7.7 cm / 3.03 in
  • Silicone Sheet: Length 8.5 cm - Width 6.9 cm - Thickness 1 mm
    Silicone Sheet: Length 3.35 in - Width 2.72 in - Thickness 0.04 in
  • Silicon Sheet prevents your lash case, adhesive plate, or mascara wand from sliding
  • You can place it on the bed next to the client’s face
  • Extra silicon sheets can be purchased separately if in need of replacement (SKU: LR011)
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