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Multi-purpose spatula. Good tool for spreading remover or cream.
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver
  • Can be sterilized with ethanol or a UV sterilizer.
18 cm / 7.09 in
Meow MARIE LASH Educator Taiwan

Meow - MARIE LASH Educator in Taiwan

It’s a convenient tool for applying cream remover when removing extensions. The cream remover can be applied evenly, the amount can be controlled easily, and application to the roots of the eyelashes can be done carefully. The thinness and the sharpness of the tip are just the right shape for taking extensions off, and are a necessity for removal sessions. When disinfecting after use, ethanol and UV disinfection can be used, so it’s very easy to keep them hygienic. I can reduce the use of swabs and sticks which can be dusty, and so this is an eco-friendly alternative.

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