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Lash Primer ph7 (20ml)

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Primer for natural lashes.
It prepares the surface for a better bond with adhesives and increases retention and eyelash extension life.
It can be used as a cleanser to remove any traces of makeup and oils on natural lashes or brows before a lash lift or a brow lamination procedure.
Not for retail sale, professional use only.
  • 20 ml / 0.68 fl oz
    1 drop per use, about 200 uses.
How it works:
To make the most of glue adhesion, it is important to get the surface of natural eyelashes to a neutral pH (pH 7).
The surface of the eyelashes is naturally acidic (pH ~ 5), which is not optimal for bonding to the polyester extensions with glue. With the help of our primer, you can reach a neutral pH, maximizing glue adhesion.
At pH levels above 7 (alkaline environment), cuticles may peel and get damaged. Also, the glue may shock-cure, which leads to the deterioration of its property.
A few numbers to remember:
  • Hair, skin, nail pH 4.5-5.5 Acidic
  • pH 7 Neutral
  • Perm colour agent pH 8-10.5 Alkaline
  • Straight perming agent pH11.5-14 Strong Alkaline
Soak a small amount of the primer onto a disposable microfiber brush.
Gently glide the primer along the eyelashes to cleanse and adjust the pH level.
Make sure the lashes are completely dry before applying eyelash extensions.
Expiry date is marked on the bottom of the bottle.
Dispose within 6 months after opening.
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