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Non-Woven Cotton Eye-Shaped (1,000pcs)

This extra soft non-woven cotton increases client comfort.
Ideal item for cleansing lashes and removing extensions.
These cottons have just the right thickness without distressing when used with liquids, cream, etc.
  • Curved shaped for the eye
  • Material: 100% pure cotton
  • Disposable, non-sterile, soft and durable gauze
  • Use for removal and new set without extensions applied
  • Pack of 1,000 pcs
Rino MARIE LASH Educator Japan

Rino - MARIE LASH Educator in Japan

The non-woven material doesn’t get tangled with extensions, so I recommended it for beginners and salons that perform speedy procedures.
Since I started using these gauzes, I’ve been using them for removal and cleaning lashes.
I save time because it’s already curved like a lash line and perfectly fits eyes without cutting or folding.
For less curved eyelids I spread it by holding the sides of the cotton to reshape to fit any eyelid.
Please try it for yourself!

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